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In addition to the more than 80 adult volunteers who work to care for the cats and maintain the shelter, Katz 4 Keeps has a group of extraordinary young ladies and gentlemen (ages 12 to 17) who volunteer their time as members of our Luv 'Em Up Bunch. They are part of the Katz 4 Keeps Socialization Program for the felines, greeting visitors and socializing our kittens and mature cats for life.

Clean and Feed Volunteer

The Katz 4 Keeps facility is maintained by an exceptional group of volunteers who spend several hours each day cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining the facility. During their shifts they feed and socialize the cats and clean the facility. Learn more about being a Clean and Feed Volunteer by reading this PDF.

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Ready to volunteer?

Send an email to volunteer@katz4keeps.org.

Luv 'Em Up Bunch Volunteer

Katz 4 Keeps has a fantastic group of adolescents who visit regularly to socialize (play with, provide interaction and excercise) all of our kitties. This eliminates anxiety and helps to condition our cats and kittens for their forever homes.

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Want to know more?

Contact Cathy Gilmore at luvemupbunch@katz4keeps.org.

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